GODIVA Corporate and Personal Services

GODIVA offer corporate and personal services

Please contact:

+886 2 2377 3300 ext 118
Ms.Ho (Hong Kong)
+852 3765 5826
Ms.Lee (Singapore)
+65 6270 6848 or +65 9737 0254
Mr.Mustapah (Malaysia)
+60 3 2166 5252
Ms.Vina (Indonesia)
+6221 5746501
Gold Collection

Gold Collection

Godiva's gold ballotin gift boxes are wrapped in the finest gold-leaf paper, imprinted with the image of Lady Godiva, and tied with a silk ribbon. They are the perfect gift for stylish trendsetters and chocolate lovers alike.

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All of a Kind

The Connoisseur chocolate series bring together Godiva's best in one gift box.
Each box contains 18 masterful pleces of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. In refined gift packaging and pleasing color schemes, Godiva Connoisseur gift boxes deliver visual and gastronomic excellence.

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All of a Kind
Grand Place

Grand Place

Godiva's new Luxury Boxes come in opulent brown or red gift boxes. They are the epitome of refinement, bringing warmth to your holidays. Luxury Boxes feature beautiful materials, elegant design, and unparalleled delicacy, topped off with a hand-tied bow. In boxes of 30 or 59 chocolates, Godiva provides the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, giving you the luxurious chocolate experience enjoyed by the Belgian royal family.

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Assortments Truffes

The unique taste and handmade craftsmanship of Godiva's Truffes give you double the pleasure, with a smooth filling and crisp exterior.
Truffes come in a variety of delicious flavors including chocolate mousse, smooth coconut, caramel apple tart, cashew, cappuccino, rum, and dark chocolate.

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Assortiments Truffes

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