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Senior Chef Chocolatier

Chef David has been a Godiva chef chocolatier since 2007. As a member of Godiva’s Research & Development team, he focuses on creating new products that are innovative and intriguing in their ingredients, flavor, texture and craftsmanship. His primary focus is the development of new chocolate and pastry products for the China, Japan and Pac Rim markets.

Chef David has seven years of accredited teaching and education experience between three different culinary schools with Acredited Pastry Arts degree programs. He has taught courses from Artisan bread preparation to the design of chocolates and confections to the architecture of confection showpieces and wedding cakes. He has also served as the Director of Education of the Pastry Arts program at the International Culinary Academy.

In addition to his extensive background in chocolate and pastry education, Chef David has a diverse array of both culinary and pastry skills which he is quite passionate about. Prior to Godiva, he was the Director of Operations at Norman Love Confections. Chef David also owned and operated a family pastry business, Café Biscotti, in Pittsburgh for seven years. As Executive Pastry Chef and owner, he managed the production of pastries for restaurants and hotels as well as the shop’s popular biscotti collection, which featured 56 biscotti flavors. In 2006, he was invited to the prestigious James Beard House in New York City, where he prepared a dessert presentation. In 2010, as 1 of 13 global Chocolatiers/Pastry Chefs invited by World Pastry Forum and Competition, Chef David taught a big class of students how best to improve the shelf life of their chocolate confections. He is the first chocolatier of Godiva asked to teach in this event.

Chef David is a graduate of the International Culinary Academy in Pittsburgh, PA, with an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology of Pastry Arts. He continued his culinary education in Paris. He is accredited as a Certified Executive Pastry Chef, Certified Culinary Educator and Chocolatier.

Chef David was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. During his spare time, he enjoys spending quality family time with his daughter Alexis, 19, and his mother Genevieve. He is also an avid ice hockey fan.