Origin of the “Touch of Love” event

GODIVA was founded by the great master Pierre Draps, and was named after the legendary honorable Madam GODIVA.

The legend of Madam GODIVA took place around the 11th century, in the city of Coventry, located in central England. It's a beautiful story of great love.

When Lady GODIVA, wife of Lord Leofric, protested against the taxation of his subjects, she agreed to ride through the streets of Coventry "clad in naught but her long tresses", and so long as the residents remained in shuttered buildings their tax burden would be lifted. The following morning she made her famous ride and, despite being the ultimate temptation, the citizens graciously remained indoors. Leofric kept his word and reduced the taxes to the delight of his subjects, ensuring GODIVA's legendary status throughout the centuries.

This beautiful tale about great love for others has been told until today. Pierre Draps the founder of GODIVA named his product after the Madam, for the love that he wants to carry. He wants everyone to be touched by the love through the delicious chocolates made by him.

Using modern sciences, GODIVA created “A Touch of Love” event, launching in 2017, using the world's first unique media “touch of love” to spread and share love! With this specially designed technology, everyone is identified by a never-changing “symbol” they were born with, their finger prints: GODIVA has set up these amazing, interactive kiosks in 18 different locations (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and more) – with a simple touch of their left thumbs, customers will be able to see their true-selves as well as their friends' true personalities, strengths and uniqueness! There will be a GODIVA chocolate specifically selected for you, your gifts will not only be thoughtful, but will be “touching” the others with your love!

Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 48246