GODIVA Year of the Rooster Chocolates

GODIVA 2017 Chinese New Year is the year of the Rooster. This year, GODIVA uses rooster as its inspiration. Full of energy, the Rooster symbolizes the awakening, a refreshing of the senses. The Collection introduces a range of Asian fruits that arouse your taste buds. Handpicking energizing fruits are a Chinese tradition that symbolizes the well being of the receiver, such as tangy Mandarin Oranges, Starfruit and Mangosteen, and spirit-reviving Ginger. These Asian fruits aim to revitalize the body and the mind. The tropical fruit-inspired chocolate delights aim to deliver beautiful aromas to start off your new year with a refreshing new start.

  • Coq Blanc Carambole Pamplemousse

    Coq Blanc Carambole Pamplemousse

    The silkiness of white chocolate mixed with the refreshing flavours of pomelo, mixed in with flavours of cinnamon and walnuts. The blending of starfruit into this white chocolate rooster creates a chemistry of flavours as it touches
    your lips.

  • Coq Lait Mangoustan Gingembre

    Coq Lait Mangoustan Gingembre

    The intense fragrance of milk chocolate encases invigorating unique ginger mousse and macadamia nuts, perfectly paired with mangosteen and Venezuela milk chocolate ganache, creating a mouthful of an experience. The ginger warms the body as well as the soul, bringing energy to the new year.

  • Coq Noir Mandarine Baie de Goji

    Coq Noir Mandarine Baie de Goji

    A decadent dark chocolate Rooster with is layered with a sweet goji berry mousse, blanketing a crunchy layer of roasted hazelnuts. Combined with a Citrusy Mandarin Orange and Venezuela milk ganache. This treat is simply the warmest welcome for the Year of the Rooster.